Surrounded by the Persian Gulf, Qatar encapsulates people with its dedicated investments, ever advancing society and economy, tourism, and promenades all in luxury style.

Doha, the capital of Qatar is located on the east coast and has become an important cosmopolitan city. It is the epitome of the standards in the region for the arts, human development and culture, renewable energy, construction, business and innovation.

The capital holds true to its past with the renovated traditional old architecture of the Souq Waqif made for marvelous adventures, and such marvels of the Museum of Islamic Art of graceful Arabian design couples with

new age architectural interpretations, to the ecofriendly technologically advanced stadiums and Metro system in the making.

As the 2022 FIFA World Cup approaches, the prominence of Doha is just about to grow bigger and beyond imagination, elevating its significance as the location choice for commercial space.


West Bay is a divine location for those who appreciate the finer things in life

Families, couples, business professionals can all find their place in the city hub of high rise commercial and residential buildings, hotels and villas, grand shops, malls, and more. The city hub offers boundless business opportunities and is home to many foreign embassies in Qatar for

expats and foreigners. Government entities as well such as Ministry of Foreign affairs, the Min-istry of Transport and Communications, Ministry of Labour, and Ministry of Justice adding to the importance of the position.

Distributed across the architecturally distinct precincts, Al Qassar, Al Dafna, West Bay Lagoon and Onaiza, with marinas and beautiful serene beaches, the West Bay area has the best of all worlds; a commercial hub of modernity fitted with the realms of leisure and relaxation, the tallest of sky scrap-ers and the wealthiest of family life.


This commercial property provides the ultimate look, feel, and experience of professional perfection, located in an ideal area for investment.

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The day you step foot is a day the towers will have their mission soaring high into the sky for higher purposes.

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The entrance laced with regal columns bridging the two towers from the foundations giving a base with an immensity of an empire.

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The towers blend seamlessly as one reflection, one crystal commodity, angled from the perpendicular like an arrow facing the central city hub and coming from the clear open and marvelous Gulf Sea.

Handsome perpendicular towers of 41 flowers above ground. Standing at 162 meters the awe-inspiring structures of glass exterior soar into the sky, reflecting the magnitude and wealth of Qatar’s societal progression and professional perfection.

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Exterior Commercial Art

The Twin Towers

The art of the building, exterior and interior, blossom from the technical talent and methods of the construction of Samrya towers using the latest materials, represent the love of the perfection and system of living and working in exuberance, whether private or public sector.

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A pillar of strength in the forefront of the city hub Samrya Tower offers commercial space that make the demands of today’s marketable arena a wave of ease to glide through. Where the path to reach exceptional goals of the future stand as clear as the view of the blue sea seen from the windows that pier out from the unobstructed shoreline. Both Samrya tower East and West give a graceful sight of sea views and close-up of the city skyline.

A pillar of strength

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Samrya Tower


The Interior

Commercial Offices
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The interior is left to be discovered by the client, where exclusive privacy is definite until otherwise wanted. Well-appointed interior design, luxury in every detail from modern furniture of smooth and high tech comfortability of seats. A place to facility the most advanced thinking and innovation.

The illumination of natural light throughout the glass towers creates a bright and open setting with a peaceful blueish façade blocking the heat highs and providing an exclusive view to the strikingly stunning surroundings.

The elite of Qatar need not work in the lime light to reach glory.

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Samrya Tower



West Bay Doha

The ideal choice for many businesses and companies with well-equipped space, breath-taking views, in a pivotal location and a design of contemporary business luxury of the highest class.

Samrya Towers lay on the prestigious sea front, diplomatic area, and central investment district of the city.

Surrounded by high rise hotels and apartments, government entities, businesses, exhibition Centers and malls,